Curious about the try-outs?

Everything you need to know about the i Play try-outs in Neerpelt will be revealed in a short film made by Karina Beumer. It will kinda look something like this.


First try-out in Neerpelt

I took of my rollerblades. Sorry. They got in the way.

(apart from that it was great. beautiful touching moments. people sharing memories, taking in the music. sharing can be a beautiful thing. but when is it too much? let’s find that out in some other performances…. coming soon!)

Initiate Testing Phase

I did it!
I did the first i Play test!

Backpack with speakers on my back.
Board with sound mixer, amplifier, two mics and an i Pod in front of me.
All on rechargeable batteries, all very mobile.
And it made sound!
Here in my room in Rotterdam, I made my dream to become a DJ come true.

I’m very sorry that I don’t have any pictures of this.. I was alone so couldn’t make any. But don’t worry, I’m going public soon. I’ll do some try-outs in the little park in my street. And I’ll ask some friends to assist. I’m sure they will make some pictures for you.

But yey: i Play is working !!